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In the railway construction project, there are potential risks that cause Contract Change Orders and has an impact on project cost performance. Risk factors can be seen from three aspects that consist of technical, legal, and environmental aspects. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze the factors causing CCO that have an impact on costs, and determine the steps for managing CCO risk. This study uses a questionnaire to the experts which has experience on railway projects. From the research results, 29 risk variables that affect CCO are grouped into technical, legal and environmental aspects. The factors of design changes, changes in the scope of work and acceleration of the implementation schedule are one of the dominant factors causing CCO in this study. Furthermore, the identified risk factors can be used for the next step, which is to respond to the risk as a risk control strategy. This strategy is expected to improve the cost performance of railway projects.

Captions are important to understand the meaning of an image or to represent an image in a better way possible. Image Captioning needs a very precise and apt point of view of an image based on features present in that. Deep learning has advanced to a better level where we can use the power of the computer to tag an image with captions intended for it. Computer Vision is an ideal approach to use feature extraction for understanding the features present in an image for further captioning. This research is based on different transfer learning models used for feature extraction from an image along with caption generation. The transfer learning models used in this research are Xception, InceptionV3, VGG16 for feature extraction from an image. Along with the use of features, the caption needs to be generated for which this paper proposed an alternate RNN model for better caption generation, this model uses a bi-directional layer which is compared with the standard RNN model to select the best model along with the best transfer learning for neural image caption generation. For creating an apt caption with the help of feature extraction and the RNN model, the diverse beam search algorithm is used for getting the k-top best alternative values with the highest probability, which will produce a better caption as compared to argmax. The evaluation for each model with a combination of Xception-RNN, InceptionV3-RNN, InceptionV3-ARNN, VGG16-RNN, and finally VGG16-ARNN was done by using BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy) along with the training and validation loss.

The paper is a research investigation on the analysis of classroom interaction pattern and students’ learning outcomes in physics in Ankpa education zone of Kogi state, Nigeria. The study was guided by three research questions. The study adopted descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised of all the secondary schools and all the physics teachers in Ankpa education zone of Kogi state. A sample of 344 SSI students was used as respondents (227 males and 117 females) and 10 physics teachers (9males and 1 female). Total sample size for the study was 354 for both students and teachers drawn from 10 intact classes of SS1 physics in 10 secondary schools in the zone using purposive sampling technique. The instrument used for the collation of data was direct observation manual (DOM), a modified Flanders interaction analysis category. The instrument was face-validated by 2 experts in physics education and one expert in measurement and evaluation both from Kogi State University, Anyigba. The reliability coefficient of the instrument DOM was determined using Pearson product-moment correlations to be 0.78. Data collected were analyzed using simple percentage. The raw scores are converted into percentages. The results of the findings are coded based on the average percentages of the boys (males), girls (females) and choral responses (the whole class) to the teachers’ question. The findings of the studies revealed that questions that elicit answer and repetition purpose were mostly answered chorally in both single and mixed schools and that the feedback of the teacher affects the pattern and extent of classroom interaction in physics lesson. The study revealed that teachers use only one style of feedback, affirmation, more, neglecting other forms of feedback styles that can enhance positive interaction among teachers and learners for better learning outcomes in physics teaching and learning. The study equally revealed that feminine gender interacts positively among themselves than the masculine gender in the physics lesson. This indicates that girls are shy of interacting with the teacher and the boys during classroom instruction in physics. Analysis of the research revealed that the teachers do not interact actively with their students and most of the physics teachers lack the qualities of a good teacher. Teachers adopt only one method of teaching which was mainly for the lecture method. The opportunity to interact more among themselves and quality of classroom interaction was very poor. Boys had a greater proportional share of positive interaction pattern than the girls during physics lessons. Based on the findings, recommendations were made, that physics teacher should avoid discrimination in their classroom interaction with male and female students. Girls should be motivated in whatever way possible to participate in classroom interaction since it helps them to learn better among others.

Normally, there are obstacles in implementing and formulating strategies in PPP projects, so business entities need to know what are the critical factors in PPP projects. Therefore, this study aims to identify and obtain critical factors in PPP projects, especially to determine the potential of Business Entities in railway projects and railway projects both with solicited and unsolicited schemes in accordance with projects announced by the Government to use the PPP scheme. This study uses literature analysis to obtain variables derived from Law No. 23 of 2007 concerning Railways, Presidential Regulation No. 38 of 2015 concerning Government Cooperation with Business Entities in the Provision of Infrastructure, Regulation of the Minister of PPN No 4 of 2015 and its amendments concerning Procedures for Implementing Government Cooperation with Business Entities in the Provision of Infrastructure, as well as distributing questionnaires to obtain primary data. The results of this study are that the government’s goal is that 64% of project financing in 2030 will come from alternative financing, one of which is through a solicited or unsolicited PPP scheme. Business entities have the opportunity to initiate projects that are registered in the government’s plan as one of the requirements of the PPP scheme. However, there are 10 critical factors that significantly affect the railway project with the PPP scheme, namely land acquisition, government support, government guarantees, infrastructure development, railway infrastructure – rail lines, network master plans with other modes, railway infrastructure – rail operation facilities, feasibility studies, railway master plans, and PJPK. In addition, legal and institutional aspects influence the solicited PPP project scheme.

Based on the formulation of the problem stated earlier, the objectives of this study are:1. To analyze the effect of education on the productivity of rice farmers in Pinrang Regency.2. To analyze the health of rice farmers’ productivity in Pinrang Regency.3. To analyze the effect of land area on the productivity of rice farmers in Pinrang Regency.4. To analyze technology on the productivity of rice farmers in Pinrang Regency. The results of the regression analysis explain the factors that significantly affect the productivity of farmers in Pinrang Regency, including health variables, land area, technology. While the education variable is not significant to the productivity of farmers in Pinrang Regency. Overall, the regression model is used to explain the factors that affect the productivity of rice farmers in Pinrang Regency. This shows that education in this study does not have a significant effect on farmer productivity in Pinrang Regency.

In the process of working on the project, undesirable things can occur such as delays in project work that occur due to various factors such as unfavorable weather conditions, design changes and planning errors. There is also no exception in the implementation of projects with foreign loans, there are problems related to budget disbursement which can result in project delays. This study uses a questionnaire method to owners, supervisory consultants, and experienced contractors in dam construction to obtain a model for accelerating the completion of this project. The results of this study found that the 2 most dominant factors were in the main dam work category, namely extreme weather conditions and land availability in the dam construction area. The acceleration strategy used is the crashing method and the result is that the project completion is 93 days faster than the original implementation schedule. However, the consequence of this method is an increase in construction costs of 3,292,201,639.21 IDR.

This study aims to find out: (1) a description of how income, age, number of dependents, and living costs affect the decision of workers to directly migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City and (2) describe whether or not there are differences in education level., gender, marital status, home ownership on the decision of workers to re-migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City. The results of the probit regression analysis explain the significant factors and there is an opportunity for workers to migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City, including income variables, education level, gender, marital status and home ownership. While the variables of age, number of dependents, cost of living are not significant and there is no opportunity for workers to re-migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City. Overall, the probit regression model used to explain the determinants of the workforce’s decision to do shuttle migration from Gowa Regency to Makassar City has a predictive reliability of 84%. This shows that the respondents in this study have a great opportunity to migrate back and forth for economic and non-economic reasons.

The process of civil servant teacher recruitment in Indonesia is conducted every year to recruit teacher professionally. The recruitment process has been conducted and enhanced in Indonesia throughout years from pre paper-based test in 2013 to Computer Assisted Test (CAT) in the same year-present. The aim of this research is to do a deeper exploring of the current process of civil servant teacher recruitment in Indonesia through qualitative case study in which the online interview has been conducted to 6 civil servant teachers in West Nusa Tenggara who took the recruitment test in 2019. Furthermore, this study found that there are several significant differences in the process of recruitment especially for the teacher who took the test under ministry of religious affair that they did not only require to do Computer Assisted Test (CAT) but also interview and micro teaching test in which other candidate who applied to become civil servant teacher in another institution did not require to do those tests. In addition, this study discovered that throughout the recruitment process the teachers faced some challenges such as the regulation of passing grade Basic Competences Test and Personal Characteristic Test is too high and biased. In addition, the questions for Basic Competences Test is excessively subjective and it makes the participant face difficulties in answering the questions. Nevertheless, through the Computer Assisted Test (CAT) there is no more bribery, nepotism, discrimination and violation rule (cheating) in the process of civil servant teacher recruitment that has been an issue in the previous recruitment process.

Genomic data has the potential to improve healthcare strategy in a variety of ways, including illness prevention, improved diagnosis, and better treatment. While Machine Learning may have revolutionized many fields, its implementation in the field of Genomics is new. Currently, Machine Learning is being applied and tested in a lot of genomic processes but all of those have not been clinically validated. Hence, we are far from providing Machine Learning or Deep Learning models for -omics data which can be implemented. This paper aims to explore in a very uncomplicated manner, what exactly is genomics, where does high performance computing and machine learning come into picture, current applications of machine learning in genomics and discuss potential future scope of machine learning in genomics.

The study was intended to identify the levels of technology integration of MARHS Senior High School HUMSS faculty during the conduct of the blended modular learning. The action research was a descriptive study where it determined and identified the level of familiarity of MARHS HUMSS faculty to different online applications and the levels of technology integration using SAMR model. The most appropriate conceptual tool to identify the level of integration is the SAMR Model developed in 2010 by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. This model was used to determine the levels of technology integration of the teachers. The study involved five HUMSS Senior High School Teachers of Manuel A. Roxas High School as the subject of the research which were identified through purposive sampling technique. They were asked to answer the survey through Google Forms since physical or face to face interaction is still prohibited. The actual administration of the research took place on the second semester of the School Year 2020-2021. The study was done at Manuel A. Roxas High School, Paco, Manila. Researcher-made structured survey was developed to gather the desired data. The survey-questionnaire was validated by the Master Teachers of Manuel A. Roxas Senior High School.  This study revealed the varied compositions of the respondents with different teaching experience and mastery of handling different subjects. The findings discovered that the teachers manifested high level of familiarity with the following:  MS word, in in lecture or note taking, online websites like Academia, Britannica Encyclopedia, and National Geographic in research works, PowerPoint presentation in lesson discussion/ presentation, and Google Forms, Facebook Messenger Polls, and PDF Reader in assessment activities. In terms of the level of integration using SAMR Model, Google Classroom, Edmodo, Schoology, Facebook Groups were the most integrated applications in lecture or note taking activities. It was also in the level of Redefinition. The most commonly integrated applications were Stanford, Britannica, Khan Academy, and other educational video recordings platforms, PDF, and the traditional modules provided by the school in terms of research works. The levels of integration demonstrated by the teachers were Substitution, Augmentation, and Modification. PowerPoint Presentations, Prezi, and other similar presentation, and YouTube were used in lesson presentation where they were identified in levels of Substitution and Augmentation. In assessment activities, the teachers frequently integrated Google Forms which can be found in the level of Augmentation. For consistency of the level of technology integration, an enhancement program was proposed based from the findings or results of the study.

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