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Fast Indexing

For fast indexing, we are using sitemap, search engine optimization, backlinks and several database submission to index your paper like Research Bible, Scribd, Google Scholar, ISSUU, ResearchGate, Index Copernicus, Academia, ESJI, and more.

Open Access Databases

Open access is the ability of anyone to view and download your article without having to pay. This has been proven to be a good thing, since open access articles are cited more often in other scholarly publications than those articles available only through paid access.

PDF Optimization

We are embedding meta data inside PDF file like title, subject, keywords and author name for quick indexing on several search engines. We also compress the PDF file, so that it can be easily downloadable on the Internet without spending any single minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Scholar is an online search engine that indexes the full text for academic research papers. It has a similar scope to the other two major indexing services, namely PubMed and Scopus, but the scope of Google Scholar is limited to scientific and scholarly publications. This resource is used by scholars, students, and researchers to find academic articles that may not be available through commercial databases. Scholar’s coverage of journals is not as extensive as those provided by commercial databases because it does not include all journals.

Generally, paper indexing takes around 20 days to 2 months. Many times we have also got to see that some papers have been indexed within a week. The indexing of the paper also depends on its quality like no grammar mistakes, unique content, readability, small paragraph, searchable keywords and proper references with URL sources.

Adding proper references will helps to give credit to other authors.  Example: Setiawan, I. and Riantini, L.S., 2021. Risk Evaluation Causes of Contract Change Order to Improve Cost Performance on Railway Construction Project. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(9), pp.10-14. URL: https://uijrt.com/articles/v2/i9/UIJRTV2I90002.pdf

  • Author Name: Setiawan, I. and Riantini, L.S.
  • Year: 2021
  • Paper Title: Risk Evaluation Causes of Contract Change Order to Improve Cost Performance on Railway Construction Project
  • Journal Name: United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT)
  • Volume(Issue): 2(9)
  • Pages: pp.10-14
  • URL Source: https://uijrt.com/articles/v2/i9/UIJRTV2I90002.pdf 

When you copy someone’s data, you are stealing the intellectual property of him/her or any organization. By submitting plagiarized material, you are submitting work that is not your own for credit, which belongs to another author.

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