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Conference Proposal And Terms:

UIJRT arranges for the conference of articles in all areas of engineering and science.

UIJRT supports a vision for students, mentors, and instructors of the engineering and science field to explore more on the research field, patterns of best practice and innovative ideas.

Depending on their implication, novelty, superiority, applicability and other editorial attentions, qualified research articles will be invited for publication in the UIJRT.

A Conference is that place where engineer’s, research scholars, different publications editorial board members meet to discuss research and inventions in their field.

The conference is to be an important way to find out, innovative ideas, give an introduction to your research work to scientist’s, researchers, engineer’s, etc.

In conference offer to present their ideas and work in front of the conference audience.

In the conference, researchers can explain their work by PPT, videos, images, etc then the audience will easily understand their research work.

Send us your conference-related queries on editor@uijrt.com

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