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According to the Scientific Journal Impact Factor evaluation, the impact of UIJRT is 5.794 in 2022.

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FAQ About Impact factor

The impact factor is a measure of how often a journal is cited by other scholars. journals with a high impact factor are typically cited more often than those with a lower impact factor.

Impact factors are used to compare different journals and to identify which journals are having the most influence in a particular field. The impact factor can be a useful tool for researchers when choosing which journals to read and submit their own work to.

However, it is important to remember that the impact factor is just one measure of a journal’s quality and should not be used as the sole criterion for choosing which journals to read or submit to.

The UIJRT is a well-respected scientific journal with a strong impact factor. In 2022, according to SJIF the UIJRT’s impact factor is 5.794, which is a very impressive number. This means that the journal is highly respected by scientists and researchers in the field. The UIJRT is a great resource for scientists and researchers who are looking for high-quality, peer-reviewed research.

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