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The study examined the effects of real exchange rate fluctuations on the economic growth of Nigeria from the periods 1986-2018. The study employed Johansen Co-integration, Vector Error Correction Mechanism and Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (ARCH). From the results, the study shows that fluctuation in exchange rate negatively influences the growth of the economy, export volume indicates a positive relationship both in the short and long-run on the growth of the Nigerian economy, import indicates negative relationship while the inflation rate is positive and insignificant on the growth of Nigeria economy. The autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (ARCH) test indicates that real exchange rate fluctuation is persistent in Nigeria. In line with these findings, the study recommended that government should strengthen the exchange rate management framework in the country and take into consideration international fluctuations in the market. For this to be effective, requires the joint efforts of the monetary policies to awake to their core functions.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced education systems worldwide to find alternatives to face-to-face instruction. As a result, modular distance learning has been used by teachers and learners with special educational needs on an unprecedented scale. Teachers of Bagong Nayon II National High School who are handling learners with special educational needs served as writers and evaluators in the Innovative Learning Resource Material entitled “Enhanced Learning Activity Sheets for Learners with Special Educational Needs” (E-LAS for LSENs) that will be used by the LSENs itself through the guidance and support of their parents, teachers, and the school in general. This project aims to supply learning resources for the LSENs’ continuous learning for instruction across all disciplines focusing on the needs of the special education students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this study sought to examine the perception of parents of learners with special educational needs on the enhanced learning activity sheets developed by the teachers. The research was carried out in Bagong Nayon II National High School. The study used a survey research design. A total of 25 respondents participated in the study and the instrument used for data collection was the online survey questionnaire. Quantitative data were analyzed by Excel to generate figures. According to the findings, it was confirmed that the majority of the parents of LSENs find that the enhanced learning activity sheets were appropriate learning materials that would be a great help for the parents and learners with special needs to successfully access the needed materials in the new normal learning. In addition, this learning resource material was corroborated as an effective approach based on the perception of the parents of LSENs to fill in the gap in the absence or lack of modules for the Learners with Special Educational Needs. The researcher believes that this can contribute to the attainment of excellence and quality of education in the Special Education Program in the school and the Schools Division of Antipolo.

The study determined the parent-teacher collaboration in a modular learning approach in C.M Recto Elementary School during the School Year 2020-2021. The study used a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research design. Survey and unstructured interviews were utilized in gathering the necessary data from the respondents. 28 parents and 5 teachers were involved in this study. The data collected were analysed using weighted mean to determine the parent-teacher collaboration along with instructional support, supervision and monitoring as well as the effectiveness of modular instructional material and learning outcomes of the pupils. Frequency and ranking were used to determine the challenges encountered by the parents in modular instruction.

Android plays a very important role in the development of mobile technology as it is one of the famous operating systems in smartphones. Its popularity makes it a target of different cyber-attacks that result in money loss and data loss. There is a severe need to protect the android operating system from such attacks. This paper implements a detection system using efficient DL algorithms (i.e., LSTM and BLSTM) by employing the latest publically available “CICAndMal2017” dataset in order to protect the android systems against numerous attacks. Further, it uses standard evaluation metrics for the measurement of the system’s performance. Finally, this paper aims to compare the results with the current state-of-the-art detection techniques to show the efficiency of the proposed model.

When Filipinos experience pandemics due to COVID-19, the educational system adjusted through the interim guidelines like changing for a while the teaching instructions into modular distance learning and the main learning resources are Self-Learning Modules (SLMs). In this study, the authors determined the adaptive coping strategies in learning General Mathematics Instruction through SLMs by Grade 11 students in Mayon National High School, School Year 2020-2021. The researcher applied descriptive design, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. The respondents were 30 randomly selected Grade 11 students from two different strands. A questionnaire in checklist form was the main instrument in this study that was validated by 5 mathematics and language experts. This undertaken a reliability test using Cronbach Alpha Analysis with 0.87 value which means fairly high and reliable. The researcher also gathered existing data which are the final grades of the respondents in General Mathematics. The data gathered were tabulated and analyzed using frequency, percentage, weighted mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, and coefficient of determination. The authors concluded that the adaptive coping strategies employed by the students along with personal, family, environmental, peer, and finances in learning General Mathematics instruction through SLMs varied.  The responses of the students in learning General Mathematics along with teacher and SLMs were mostly positive. In addition, there was a moderately significant relationship between adaptive coping strategies employed by the students along with personal factors while the other variables such as family, environment, peer, and finances were insignificant relationships on the performance level of students in General Mathematics through SLMs instructions. The problem observed was the poor foundation in Mathematics under personal factors which was the main focus on the action plan proposed by the author’s entitled Mathematics Tutorial: A Walk to Teach Amidst Pandemic.

In the K to 12 curriculum, teachers are required to teach using the Spiral Progression Approach. This study explored the level of implementation of the Spiral Progression Approach in relation to performance in Algebra of students in Tangub City National High School. The descriptive-correlational design was used in the study. Adapted and modified Spiral Progression Approach in Mathematics Questionnaire (L &Alegre, 2019) and the researcher-made Algebra Summative Test was used in gathering the data. The respondents of the study were 249 Grade 10 students selected through simple random sampling. Mean, Standard Deviation, Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient, and Regression Analysis were used as the statistical tools. Results revealed that the teachers highly implemented the Spiral Progression Approach, but the students’ performance in Algebra was very poor. The use of a Spiral Progression Approach in teaching was significantly related to the students’ performance in Algebra. Discussion is a common strategy for teachers in teaching the Spiral Progression Approach. Future researchers conduct researches focusing on the factors that affect students’ academic performance in Mathematics.

This study investigated the Impact of Advance Organizers on Academic Performance in Recycling Solid Waste Concepts among Senior Secondary Chemistry Students in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. A total of 75 students selected from two Secondary Schools in Zaria Metropolis were used as the study samples from a population of 1,018 students from ten (10) secondary schools. The two schools selected were found to be academically equivalent. One of the schools served as the control group (N=35) and the other served as the experimental group (N=40) which was exposed to Lecture Enriched with Advance-Organizers while the control group was exposed to the lecture method alone for a period of five weeks. Pretest, posttest, post-posttest quasi-experimental and control group design was adapted. Research Instruments was developed by the researcher and validated. Recycling Concept Performance Test (RCPT) with a reliability coefficient of 0.86. Two research questions and hypotheses were formulated. To test the level of significant differences, the research questions were answered using a descriptive statistics that is mean and standard deviation, while the null hypotheses were analyzed using a t-test at p ≤ 0.05 significant level. The major findings from the study Include: students taught Recycling Solid-waste Concept of Chemistry using lecture enriched with Advance-Organizer recorded were significantly better in their academic performance as compared to those taught using lecture method alone: and that the use of lecture enriched with the advanced organizer is gender-friendly. Recommendations were made from the findings of the study such as secondary school teachers should be trained and retrained to use lectures Enriched with the Advance Organizer in order to enhance and boost students’ learning and academic performance in chemistry concepts.

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