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Volume 04, Issue 03, 2023

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UIJRTV4I30001Relationship Between Clinical Pathway and Cost-Effectiveness Research Using Vosviewer: A Bibliometric Study
Rizky Firdaus and Ietje Nazaruddin01-08uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30002Performance and Metacognitive Skills of Grade 8 Students in Biology
Elaine B. Espejon and Susan S. Janer09-21uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30003Development and Validation of Off-line Web Quest for Grade 7 Mathematics Students

Clarisse D. Ariate and Ritzelda A. Deri22-33uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30004Competency of Teachers in Facilitating Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning
Venus E. Hubilla and Gerry A. Carretero34-45uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30005Profile and Status of Elementary Schools in Bulusan District

Lenor T. Gacos and Gerry A. Carretero46-61uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30006Self-Efficacy of Filipino College Students as Correlates to DemographicsJayvee Cuerdo Cebu62-66uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30007Fostering Autonomy in Japanese LearnersStephen Mitchell67-70uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30008Performance Level of Grade Five Pupils in Information and Communication Technology
Jewelyn B. Gaurino and Ma. Ellen L. Estrellado71-82uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30009Development of Juice Concentrate Utilizing Calamansi, Honey, and Ginger
Jezzabie G. Gamis, Rogelio B. Las Piñas Jr. and Joycelyn D. Labalan82-87uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30010Business Trend of Entrepreneurs During Pandemic COVID-19: Selangor State Studies
Khairol Ismail, Noorhafizah Zainon, Fadzlirahimi Ismail, and Nur Atifah Kadri88-92uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30011Assessing The Critical Success Factors of Restructuring a Higher Education Institution Using BPR (Business Process Reengineering): A Case Study of National Post Graduate College
Dr. Deeksha Sharma and Dr. Rakesh Jain93-100uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30012Designing an Institutional Model of Local Government in Dynamic and Harmonious Industrial Relations in Bekasi Regency Indonesia
Hendy Hendharto, M Syamsul Maarif, and Tony Sitinjak101-110uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30013Reading Comprehension Skills and The Level of Performance of Grade 7 Students in ChemistryNora R. Briones and Susan S. Janer111-120uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30014Regulating Blockchain: A Prospective for Governments and Policy MakersMohamed Affan Shafy121-125uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30015Global Trends of Research on Hospital Quality and Mobile Application: A Bibliometric Study Based on VOSviewerGavin Pratama Nugraha and Arlina Dewi126-133uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30016A Rise from A Downfall: A Multiple Case Study on the Voices of Teenage Parents in SchoolDominador Jr. A. Dayson and Princes Luise Dela Tina Picaza134-142uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30017Planning of Brick Raw Material Supply Based on Available Land Volume in Brick BusinessPuspita Riana, Fazri Muhammad, Indra Kesuma Hadi, Masri Mahyuzar, and Hibnul Walid143-147uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30018Full Devolution Transition: Challenges in the Implementation of Executive Order 138 in Selected Municipalities in the Province of SorsogonAldrin Jovi B. Gallanosa and Errol G. De Castro148-161uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I30019Assessing Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Through Psychological Functioning, Mental Wellbeing, and Life Satisfaction: Scales Adaptation and DevelopmentArgel B. Masanda162-167uijrt download button
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