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Volume 01, Issue 12, 2020

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UIJRTV1I120001Militancy and National Security in Nigeria: Issues and Peculiarity of the Niger Delta Militia Uprising Martins Olaleye Bamigboye and Olusegun Oladele Idowu 01-11Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I120002Panaetius and Posidonius: The Birth of HumanismPanagiota Boubouli and Elias Yfantis12-15Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I120003Importance of Learning Python Programming in the Field of Mechanical EngineeringGuddu Kumar, Vijay Singh and Mayur Thombre16-18Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I120004A Review on Selective Laser SinteringMason Johnson19-21Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I120005Identification of Recombinant DNA from Genetically Modified BT-11 MaizeMd Shahidul Islam, Md Nahid Hossain, Mst Naima Afrin Eliyana, Amitabh Shuva Chakma, Sanjit Chandra Barman and Md Mydul Islam22-28Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I120006Seasonal Availability and Price Margin of Freshwater Mud Eel (Monopterus Cuchia) in Dinajpur, BangladeshNazrul Husain Md Nahid, Mst Naima Afrin Eliyana, Sarker Md Touhiduzzaman and Md Nahid Hossain29-36Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I120007Effect of Maturity and Storage Condition on Shelf Life and Post-Harvest Quality of PineappleMd Guljer Ahmmed, Md Nahid Hossain, Sorwar Hossen, Mohammad Ataur Rahman Siddique, M. Burhan Uddin and Md Shahidul Islam37-48Download paper in PDF format.
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