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Volume 05, Issue 02, 2023

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UIJRTV5I20001The Leadership Styles and Performance Commitment of the School Administrators in Gigaquit District, Divison of Surigao Del Norte
Louvyl Mae Cutang Canda01-10Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20002Job Satisfaction Relative to Teachers’ Performance During Post-Pandemic Educational LandscapeLouvyl Mae Cutang Canda11-16Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20003Crystal Growth and Synthesis of Tristhiourea Zinc(II) Sulpate (ZTS)
Dr. P. Girija17-21Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20004Cultural Mapping of the Tangible Movable and Immovable Cultural Properties of Orion: Basis for the Development of Information, Education and Communication MaterialsJennifer S. Garcia, Job D. Paguio, Edessa Flordeliza, and Isagani De Leon22-29Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20005Impact Assessment of Fiscal Policy and The Performance of Selected Macroeconomics Indicators in Nigeria
Atayi Abraham Vincent, Abdullahi Aishatu, Chinshaka Ayuba Sitdang, and Rahila Timothy Dantong30-41Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20006Influence of Leadership Competencies and Teachers’ Commitment to School CultureMelissa Barco Aguirre42-51Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20007An Evaluation of Monetary Policy and Its Implications for Nigerian Economic GrowthAtayi Abraham Vincent, Rahila Timothy Dantong, Chinshaka Ayuba Sitdang, and Abdullahi Aishatu52-63Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20008An Analysis of Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Performance of the Non-Oil Sectors in NigeriaAtayi Abraham Vincent, Chinshaka Ayuba Sitdang, Rahila Timothy Dantong, and Abdullahi Aishatu64-72Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20009Mother-Daughter Relationship in Philippine Poetry: A Feministic ApproachRowena C. Henobiagon and Jose Elmer S. Oficiar73-88Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20010The Impact of Project-Based Learning in Teaching Social Studies Towards Developing the Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in the New Normal
Myrsel D. Laluna and JV Dela Cruz89-94Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20011Efforts to Execute Warehouse Receipt Guarantees Through the Hara SystemNinis Nugraheni and Belgis Shafira95-103Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I20012Implementation of the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) in the Province of SorsogonAida Lagarde Alcantara and Catherine Atutubo De Castro104-115Download paper in PDF format.
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