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Volume 04, Issue 07, 2023

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UIJRTV4I70001Implementation of School-Based Management Program in Bulusan District
Jessa Freo Frontuna01-05uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70002Awareness of Elementary Teachers and Integration of One Town One Product (OTOP) in Teaching Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)
Arvin D. Fulay and Fely A. Habla06-16uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70003Primary School Teacher’s Level of Capability Based on Electronic Self-Assessment Tool
Kathlene Joyce Hongo Vibal and Susan S. Janer17-26uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70004Challenges and Coping Mechanism of Elementary Teachers in Blended Learning in Bulan II District
Mary Ann Peňaflor Aguirre27-32uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70005Status of Facilities and Satisfaction in The Delivery of Services of Philippine Fisheries Development Authority-Bulan Fish Port Complex
Jakim Timothy Furaque Golimlim and Errol G. De Castro33-45uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70006Growth and Malondialdehyde Content of Salt-tolerant Grafted Rockmelon as Affected by Salinity Sources
Muhamad Hafiz Muhamad Hassan, Noor Faimah Ghazali, and Muhammad Hanam Hamid46-52uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70007Implementation of Socio Scientific Issues Oriented Problem Based Learning Model in Improving Critical ThinkingMararti, Kartika Chrysti Suryandari, and Moh Salimi53-60uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70008Development and Validation of Inquiry-Based Learning Activity Sheets in Physical ScienceRona E. Aguila and Jhonner D. Ricafort61-73uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70009Employees’ Productivity and Accountability in The Local Government Unit of Brooke’s Point, Palawan: Basis for Policy FormulationDante V. Ariñez74-78uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70010Effectiveness of Game-Based Lessons in Improving the Performance of Grade 8 Students in ChemistryJeanalyn R. Leaño and Teresa Haide B. Belgica79-89uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70011Development, Validation, and Effectiveness of Contextualized Learning Activity Sheets in Earth ScienceJeanylyn Sierra Antonio and Edna Marie L. Mijares90-102uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70012Challenges Encountered by Students and Teachers in Using Online Applications as Teaching ModalitiesDante V. Ariñez and Mary Grace M. Villaruz103-106uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70013The Artifacts, The Community and Their Story: An Exploratory AnalysisJulie V. Retoma and Magdalena M. Ocbian107-113uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70014Development of Contextualized Strategic Intervention Materials for Grade-8 PhysicsCristine Mae E. Arevalo, Susan S. Janer, and Jhonner D. Ricafort114-118uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70015Implementation of the Recruitment, Selection, and Promotion Processes in the Provincial Government of SorsogonMylene L. Pantoja and Catherine A. De Castro119-131uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70016Employability of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) Graduates of Palawan State University Brooke’s Point CampusDante V. Ariñez and Kent Voices D. Sibulan132-138uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70017Learning Delivery Modalities of Senior High School Science Teachers Amid PandemicRonel D. Dogillo and Jhonner D. Ricafort139-144uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70018Impact of Modular Distance Learning on the Performance of Grade 8 Learners in ScienceAna Rose D. Jaraba and Susan S. Janer145-156uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70019The Correlation Between Reading Interest and Reading Comprehension Ability on Indonesian Language Learning Outcomes to Fifth Grade Students of Public Elementary SchoolsMutiara An Nisaa’, Ratna Hidayah, and Ngatman157-163uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70020Student Engagement, Academic Motivation, School Climate: A Structural Equation Model on Academic Self-Efficacy in State Colleges and Universities in Region XIGabrele D. Cubero and Roel E. Villocino164-180uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70021Integrating Randomized Suggestions into Collaborative Filtering Applied to Movie RecommendationCayle Sam T. Panganiban, Jan Marini E. Punsalan, Rusell Kate B. Rodil, Vivien A. Agustin, Raymund M. Dioses, and Jonathan C. Morano181-189uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70022Factors that Affect the English Speaking Skills of Bacongnon-Speaking StudentsAimee De Hitta Mira and Marigrace Despi Carretero190-196uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70023The Effectiveness of Group Dynamics as an Instructional Tool in Teaching History: A Basis for Enhanced Approach in College TeachingPamela V. Zuñiga197-200uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70024Leadership, Technology, Participation, and KM Appropriation: Enabling Knowledge Management for Developing Learning Materials in Online Tertiary EducationJoana Marie Saren delos Reyes and Pamela Viguilla Zuniga201-208uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70025Reading Initiatives in Selected Public Elementary Schools in Matnog I District, SorsogonSheryll A. Balaguer and Susan F. Astillero209-220uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70026Beginning Reading Skills of Primary LearnersIris S. Duque and Ana Cristina G. Fortes221-227uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70027Competencies of Teacher-Bookkeepers in Sorsogon CityEmmie L. Dugan and Jhonner D. Ricafort228-237uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70028Utilization of Power Supply of National Food Authority Sorsogon Branch OfficeMariven Cutamora Dualin and Emma S. Perena238-242uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70029Implementation of Malasakit Center in the Province of SorsogonMa. Victoria D. Lagarde and Tara Paulina L. Martizo243-256uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70030Students’ Digital Discourse in the New NormalAnikka Ataiza Avenido and Sherill Asis Gilbas257-275uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70031Application Augmented Reality for Science Learning: Improving Critical Thinking Toward Elementary StudentRisma Rahmawati, Kartika Chrysti Suryandari, and Rokhmaniyah276-282uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70032Development and Validation of Contextualized Supplementary Worksheets in Grade 8 EnglishAileen Garais Givera283-289uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70033Improving the Extended 10×10 Polybius Square Key Matrix for Playfair, Bifid, and Polybius CipherGian Miguel M. Manliclic, Kiel Andrei R. Lamac, Richard C. Regala, Mark Christopher R. Blanco, and Raymund M. Dioses290-295uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70034An Enhancement in Result Retrieval Process in Knowledge-Based Recommendation That Uses Case-Based Reasoning by Utilizing Feature Weighting and Feature Normalization
Lance Gerard V. Ronquillo, Gabriel C. Villa, Richard C. Regala, Fernandez C. Pineda, and Herminiño C. Lagunzad296-302uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70035Further Enhancement of Genetic Algorithm Using Multiple Crossover and Mutation OperatorsJose Antonio M. Aguila, Loise Gabriel C. Gitalado, Vivien A Agustin, Richard C. Regala and Mark Christopher R. Blanco303-309uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70036Reading Performance and Challenges: Reading Initiatives in the New NormalHermine F. Jazareno and Ana Cristina G. Fortes310-317uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70037KNN Enhancement with Chi-Square and Manhattan Distance Formula Applied to Fake Website DetectionIvan C. Capili, Richard Vincent B. Ferrer, Vivien A. Agustin, Jonathan C. Morano, and Mark Christopher R. Blanco318-323uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I70038Named Entity Recognition on E-Mono: An Algorithm Enhancement Applied in Sentiment AnalysisStephen Kent A. Malagday, Mark Raphael V. Sto. Domingo, Raymund M. Dioses, and Vivien A. Agustin324-332uijrt download button
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