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Primary School Teacher’s Level of Capability Based on Electronic Self-Assessment Tool



Kathlene Joyce Hongo Vibal and Susan S. Janer, 2023. Primary School Teacher’s Level of Capability Based on Electronic Self-Assessment Tool. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(7), pp17-26.


To be a primary school teacher is a tough job. Passion, dedication, and curiosity invested by a teacher in her profession have the power to make her a more effective primary school teacher. But great teachers are not made overnight; they are refined by experiences, challenges, training, and continuous professional development that they engaged in. This study determined the IPCR rating and the level of capability of the primary school teachers of Sorsogon West District, SY 2020-2021. It used a quantitative design through a survey research method. The survey was conducted through the use of google forms using the format of an electronic self-assessment tool (e-sat). Likewise, the respondents were the primary teachers from the 21 schools in Sorsogon West District. The results were analyzed and interpreted with the use of appropriate statistical tools such as frequency count, weighted mean, and chi-square. The overall IPCR rating of primary teachers in Sorsogon West District obtained an Outstanding in IPCR. The level of capability along the identified variables is high. There is a significant relationship between the rating of primary teachers and their level of capability along with Content Knowledge and Pedagogy, Learning environment and diversity of learners, Curriculum and Planning & Assessment and Reporting, Community Linkages & Professional Engagement & Personal Growth & Professional Development. An action plan with a series of activities based on their strengths and weaknesses could be proposed to enhance the level of capability of primary teachers along the identified variables and for those pre-service and in-service teachers who may need them. The schools may establish consistent peer mentoring and focus group meetings that may help in the consistent improvement of teacher’s performance. The schools may develop a plan for coordination with the Division Office in planning and implementing LAC sessions.

Keywords: Primary School Teacher, Level of Capability, e-SAT.

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