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Beginning Reading Skills of Primary Learners



Iris S. Duque and Ana Cristina G. Fortes, 2023. Beginning Reading Skills of Primary Learners. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(7), pp221-227.


This study determined the beginning reading skills along with phonological and phonemic awareness of primary learners in one elementary school in the Philippines. Using the quantitative method, the researcher modified Kilpartrick’s Phonological Awareness Test (PAST). The data gathered were analyzed and interpreted using frequency, percentage, and rank of scores. The data revealed that the primary learners have varying phonological and phonemic awareness skills. More than half of the learners exhibited deficiencies in their PA skills.  Also, the rate of their working memories or the automaticity in accomplishing each task is low. Findings have shown that the most automatic subtest is syllable blending which is also the easiest task for them. However, the least automatic, and the most difficult skill is the onset-rime deletion which includes items with consonant blends. These variations may be accounted to the different phonological and phonemic experiences they had during the 2-year distance learning. Generally, they are not aware that words are made up of smaller units of sounds, and that sounds can form different syllables and words. This means that these learners must be given reading instructional strategies that will improve their phonological and phonemic awareness skills. It was recommended that training and workshops with regard to the proper teaching of beginning reading skills be given to teachers and reading volunteers. Schools may also implement reading intervention programs to address the reading deficiencies of learners, and with this, school administrators may give additional support to the teachers, especially in providing appropriate instructional materials.

Keywords: reading skills, primary learners, elementary schools, teaching.

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