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Utilization of Power Supply of National Food Authority Sorsogon Branch Office



Mariven Cutamora Dualin and Emma S. Perena, 2023. Utilization of Power Supply of National Food Authority Sorsogon Branch Office. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(7), pp238-242.


This study assessed the utilization of the power supply of the National Food Authority (NFA) Sorsogon Branch in the year 2019-2021. It looked into the budget and expenditures on the power supply and the estimated cost of consumption of the equipment used by the office. In addition, the efficiency of the power supply was evaluated in this research. A descriptive research method was utilized using interview and document analysis as the primary sources of gathering the data. Findings result showed in the year 2019-2021, the requested budget allocation increased yearly, however, the approved budget is lower than the requested fund. Findings also showed the expenditures of the NFA office exceeded the approved budget hence resulting in a budget deficit on power expenditures.    The result also revealed the cost of consumption of equipment operated on a regular basis but operating hours are extended during harvest season. Cost of consumption increased yearly except in the year 2020, a low consumption was recorded due to the COVID 19 Pandemic where restrictions and work-from-home schemes were imposed hence resulting in low procurement and scheduled operating hours of the equipment.   While on the efficiency, of the power supply, the findings showed the frequency of power interruptions and fluctuations experienced by the NFA.

Power outages and fluctuations affected the drying process and work performance of the employees as its operations are heavily dependent on a power supply for operating the equipment.  Based on these findings, recommendations are provided: To ascertain consumption patterns, the NFA Sorsogon Branch office may undertake an energy audit. Additionally, it is advised to adopt a purchasing policy that takes energy efficiency ratings into account to improve power management for equipment.  The NFA Sorsogon Branch may also carry out a feasibility assessment on the integration of renewable energy sources and promote energy saving among its employees and clients.

Keywords: Utilization, Power Supply, Expenditures, Efficiency.

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