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Reading Initiatives in Selected Public Elementary Schools in Matnog I District, Sorsogon



Sheryll A. Balaguer and Susan F. Astillero, 2023. Reading Initiatives in Selected Public Elementary Schools in Matnog I District, Sorsogon. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(7), pp209-220.


This study aimed to determine status of the reading initiatives of the selected public elementary schools in Matnog I District, School Year 2021-2022. Descriptive qualitative and quantitative approaches were utilized for the interpretation and analysis of data to determine the implemented reading initiatives, its status and challenges. Purposive sampling utilized in determining the respondents based on the approved reading initiatives’ proposals and unstructured interview to validate and triangulate the data gathered. Results indicated that there were ten (10) reading initiatives in Matnog I District such as PROJECT ALERT (Alternative Literacy Enhancement and Remediation), Project RRI (Remedial Reading Instruction, Project L.E.F.T (Learn, Encourage, Facilitate, Teach), School- Based Remedial Reading Activity, Effective Intervention for Reading Recovery Program Under Blended Learning Scheme, School- Based Reading Intervention for Struggling Readers (RISR), May Pag-Asa Sa Pagbasa, Project ACAP (Assisting Our Children to Achieve Pagbasa), Basunapa (Basahin, Unawain at Paunlarin)and Reading Improvement Instruction. Results indicated that, in general, these initiatives were successfully implemented when pre-assessment results were compared with the post-assessment after the conduct of such initiatives in respective schools identified. However, there were also challenges identified during the implementation along adequacy of reading materials, monitoring, evaluation, and stakeholder’s participation. Hence, the study concluded that streghtening the monitoring and evaluation of the initiatives are needed for its sustainability and high impact to the learners.

Keywords: reading initiatives, status, challenges, reading coordinators, action plan.

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