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Volume 05, Issue 03, 2024

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UIJRTV5I30001The Effective Microorganism (EM) Responses On Banana Seedlings PerformanceKhairol Ismail, Ramli Mohd Nor, and Fadzlirahimi Ismail01-06Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30002Investigation on the Effectiveness of Variable Frequency Drive Application in Solar-Powered Water Pumps: A Systematic Review
Murphy Tabada Saumat and Clark Darwin Gozon07-14Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30003Teachers’ Practices, Parental Involvement, and Learners’ Satisfaction with Modular Distance LearningJudith L. Sandiego and Haydee D. Villanueva15-28Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30004Career Development Learning and Employability Skills as Predictors of Career Competencies of Senior High School StudentsEdwina P. Lames and Dr. Leilanie L. Tingzon29-44Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30005Beyond Burnout: Teacher Commitment Forged in FireJoana Paula B. Biñas, Marsha B. Bacutoc, and Christine M. Deocampo45-51Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30006School Heads’ Administrative Support, Teachers’ Resiliency and Work PerformanceJessica L. Samiano and Esther L. Baluyos52-66Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30007Innovation, Customers Satisfaction and Retention in Commercial Banks in the Buea MunicipalityBaninla Nicholas, Prof. Molem C. Sama, and Prof. Nwahanye Emmanuel67-74Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30008The Attributes of 21st-Century Teachers: A Case StudyJanet S. Labisig and Genelyn R. Baluyos75-99Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30009Problem Based Learning and Digital Worksheet: Can they sharpen student’s problem solving skills?
Irbah Tsabitah and Zainal Abidin100-104Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30010Analysis of Competency Enhancement: Online Delivery of KIPA CourseSiti Asnor Raihan binti Agus Salam, Muhammad Izad bin Yusoff, and Mohd Saiful Nizam bin Khalid105-111Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30011Modular Distance Learning Delivery of English Teachers in Bulan DistrictBobby S. Albor112-125Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30012Leadership Development in Public Service: A Perception Analysis of MYPOLYCC Leadership Enhancement Programme “The Art of Leadership” EffectivenessSiti Asnor Raihan binti Agus Salam, Muhammad Izad bin Yusoff, and Mohd Saiful Nizam bin Khalid126-132Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30013Exploring the Students’ Struggles in Learning Mathematics: Basis for EnhancementVima G. Obut, Myrose D. Jumawan, Genelyn R. Baluyos, and Joicelyn A. Bacus133-147Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30014Time Series Analysis of Heat Index: Bases for Determining Extent of Damages in the Rice Farming Industry in Metro BataanMa. Cristina Sasota-Alba148-161Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30015Numeracy Literacy Game in the World of AdventureAyyas Yahya, Gunarhadi, and Riyadi162-166Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30016Incorporating Critical Thinking in Language Education: Correlation AnalysisJulian Simon167-174Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30017Integration of AutoCAD Lessons in Comics Form in Teaching AutoCAD
Edmond Menta Camingal175-181Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV5I30018Satisfaction of Beneficiaries on the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) Program in One Province in the PhilippinesMary Marjorie R. Jamila and Errol G. De Castro182-196Download paper in PDF format.
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