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Analysis of Competency Enhancement: Online Delivery of KIPA Course



Siti Asnor Raihan binti Agus Salam, Muhammad Izad bin Yusoff, and Mohd Saiful Nizam bin Khalid, 2024. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(3), pp105-111.


The study investigates the efficacy of the Instructional Leadership Course and Andragogy Development (KIPA) program, emphasizing competency enhancement for new educators in online delivery modes. The literature review underscores the success of blended learning and explores theoretical frameworks guiding competency development. The research objectives aim to systematically assess and compare competency levels, with positive outcomes revealed in post-course improvements across knowledge, understanding, skills, problem-solving, and ability to share skills. Demographic insights highlight a higher representation of females (68.05%) and a predominant association with polytechnics (68.75%). These positive results provide valuable insights for Jabatan Pendidikan Politeknik dan Kolej Komuniti (JPPKK) in shaping future competency enhancement courses, despite acknowledging challenges in online training. Limitations include potential bias and a focus on immediate post-training outcomes, urging future research to explore long-term competency retention and instructional impacts on diverse learners.

Keywords: Instructional Leadership Course, Andragogy Development, Competency Enhancement, KIPA, JPPKK

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