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Exploring the Students’ Struggles in Learning Mathematics: Basis for Enhancement



Vima G. Obut, Myrose D. Jumawan, Genelyn R. Baluyos, and Joicelyn A. Bacus, 2024. Exploring the Students’ Struggles in Learning Mathematics: Basis for Enhancement. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(3), pp133-147.


Mathematics is considered a difficult course as students are struggling to learn. This study explored the students’ struggles in learning Mathematics at a teacher education institution in the province of Misamis Occidental during the second semester of S.Y. 2022-2023. This study utilized a qualitative approach using phenomenological design. The study participants included 30 students enrolled in a course, Mathematics in the Modern World (Math I), and were selected through purposive sampling. Using Seidman’s phenomenological data analysis technique, the researchers used a researcher-made interview guide to elicit data from the participants. Results revealed eight themes: 1) Having Difficulty in Math Comprehension; 2) Viewing Math as a Difficult Subject; 3) Having Poor Performance in Math; 4) Lack of Basic Foundation in Math; 5) Having Ineffective Teaching; 6) Having Negative Attitude Towards Math; 7) Lacking Interest in Math; and 8) Longing for Math Enhancement. Students struggle to learn Math due to various factors that hinder their comprehension and performance. Teachers and students explore the effectiveness of hands-on and interactive activities, such as manipulatives, educational games, and interactive technologies, in enhancing the enjoyment and comprehension of abstract concepts. An enhancement program addressing students’ struggles in Math is recommended.

Keywords: difficult subject, difficulty and struggles, learning, Math comprehension, Math enhancement, Mathematics, poor performance.

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