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Beyond Burnout: Teacher Commitment Forged in Fire



Joana Paula B. Biñas, Marsha B. Bacutoc, and Christine M. Deocampo, 2024. Beyond Burnout: Teacher Commitment Forged in Fire. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(3), pp45-51.


This study investigated the crisis self-efficacy and commitment profile of teachers in the Banate School District, Iloilo, Philippines, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using descriptive and correlational methods, the study examined the teachers’ crisis self-efficacy levels, commitment profiles, and the relationship between these two variables. The survey results revealed that teachers displayed an “Average Commitment” level, with slight variations across categories like educational attainment and grade level taught. No significant differences in commitment levels were found based on age or length of service. Interestingly, although a weak positive correlation was observed between commitment level and crisis self-efficacy, this association was not statistically significant. This suggests that a higher commitment level might not directly translate to increased confidence in handling crises, and other factors may play a larger role in crisis self-efficacy. The study highlights the need for further research to explore the complex relationship between commitment, self-efficacy, and crisis management in educational settings. Understanding these dynamics can inform interventions and training programs to better equip teachers for navigating future crises while maintaining their dedication to their students and profession.

Keywords: Teachers’ burnout, Self-efficacy, commitment, crisis.

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