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Integration of AutoCAD Lessons in Comics Form in Teaching AutoCAD



Edmond Menta Camingal, 2024. Integration of AutoCAD Lessons in Comics Form in Teaching AutoCAD. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(3), pp175-181.


AutoCAD students have difficulties understanding basic commands using drawing software. At times, some applications and steps are supplemented by drawings and yet difficult to grasp. The comic medium can be an important instructional tool that can work within the cognitive domain.

This study utilized a mix of descriptive-developmental type research. The descriptive research intends to produce statistical information about aspects of comics as a tool in teaching AutoCAD that interests students as well as educators. Developmental research has been defined as the systematic study of designing, developing, and evaluating instructional programs, processes, and products that must meet criteria of internal consistency and effectiveness.

This research, which is mostly descriptive in nature, presents the results of the data gathered. An assessment summary of the comics was based on the responses of both the students and the faculty as to the given key areas such as format, content, organization, and usability.

The respondents are highly satisfied with the AutoCAD Lessons in Comics Form as suggested by the overall mean of 4.91 and the composite mean of each of the areas and sub-areas of which the comic book was evaluated.

It showed that format and usability are the strongest areas if comics will be integrated with teaching AutoCAD lessons. The quality of the content particularly applying activities to a diversity of student abilities, interests, and learning styles; developing the ability to work individually; and providing real-life application of the lesson were evaluated as highly satisfactory, therefore comics if integrated with teaching AutoCAD lessons manifested very much suited as an instructional tool and keep the students to work on his own.

Likewise, with regards to the usability of comics as a tool in teaching AutoCAD, particularly satisfaction in the content use drawn as the highest composite mean. Realizing that these comics contribute fulfillment to students for them to understand every topic or command presented.

Educators should be encouraged to aspire for good and well-designed instructional materials like comics, to be used not only in AutoCAD subjects but in other areas too to facilitate learning.

Keywords: AutoCAD, Comics, Command, Format, Instructional Materials, Software

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