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Volume 04, Issue 08, 2023

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UIJRTV4I80001Influence of Text Messaging on the Spelling Skills Among the High School StudentsLester N. Linsangan, Jomell M. Santiago, Narcisa S. Caymo, and Rita L. Cajucom01-05uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80002Enhanced 3D Playfair Cipher Using Bcrypt and Goldbach Code AlgorithmsJohanna Mei T. Caparros, Ma. Angelica Joy D. Manzano, and Ariel Antwaun Rolando C. Sison06-13uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80003Hybridization of A* Pathfinding and Hierarchical Pathfinding A* Algorithm for Pathfinding in Grid Based GamesClarence Jacob Agcaoili, Xenaiah Yzabella Bernabe, and Vivien A. Agustin14-22uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80004Students’ Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies and Cognitive Engagement as Mediated by Beliefs about Language LearningD’che Mark Talili Suarez and Celso Lagar Tagadiad23-40uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80005Modifying JPS Algorithm Using Navmesh Data Structure Applied in 3D Using UnityRaymond Carlos S. Medina, Hannah Shane B. Gittabao, and Vivien A. Agustin41-48uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80006Evaluation of Implementation of Norms, Standards, Procedures, and Criterias Related to Construction Safety Management Systems in Building Construction Projects During the COVID-19 PandemicFelix Ade Agusta Kurniawan, Leni Sagita Riantini, and Rossy Armyn Machfudiyanto49-56uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80007Senior High School Students Preference Among the Four Curriculum Exits in the K-12 ProgramMarvin G. Arimbay and Margie E. Veloso57-60uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80008Enhancement of Random Forest by Utilizing Modified Whale Optimization AlgorithmAli Ojiram G. Pirzada, Renz Michael M. Leandicho, Mark Christopher R. Blanco, Raymund M. Dioses, and Vivien A. Agustin61-71uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80009Enhancement to Low-Resource Text Classification via Sequential Transfer LearningNeil Christian R. Riego, Danny Bell Villarba, Ariel Antwaun Rolando C. Sison, Fernandez C. Pineda, and Herminiño C. Lagunzad72-82uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80010Enhancement of the Huffman Algorithm with Discrete Wavelet Transform Applied to Lossless Image Compression
John Dylan R. Aranzado, Gian Karlo Barbosa, Karl Francis Linget, and Vivien A. Agustin83-90uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80011A Hybrid Approach to Cardiovascular Disease Prediction Using Support Vector Machine and Enhanced Teaching Learning-Based Optimization
James Matthew M. Romero, Norjhon P. Ruazol, Raymund M. Dioses, Fernandez C. Pineda, and Herminiño Lagunzad91-101uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80012The Impact of Organizational Culture on Creativity and Innovation Among Employees of Selected Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs)
Rizza A. Lee102-112uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80013Enhancement of the 95×95 Vigenère Cipher Using a 3D Tabula Recta and a New Key Generation Technique in Application to Database Encryption
Clarck L. Tumazar, Benjamin D. Elevazo, Vivien A. Agustin, Jonathan C. Morano, and Mark Christopher R. Blanco113-118uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80014Differentiated Science Instruction Integrating Learning Style in Post-Modular Classes: An Experimental StudyFlora A. Lanugan and Gina Fe G. Israel119-129uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80015Relative Effects of Flipped Classroom and Print Exposure on the Teaching and Learning of Contents in Integrated CurriculumAyodele Christiana Ayo130-138uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80016Effectiveness of the Architectural Technical Assistance Program of Bachelor of Science in Architecture of Sorsogon State University to their Beneficiaries in the Province of Sorsogon
Rafael Jamila Balicano139-145uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I80017Factors That Affect Employees’ Productivity: Basis for Productivity Improvement
Dante V. Ariñez146-153uijrt download button
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