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Volume 03, Issue 09, 2022

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UIJRTV3I90001Factors Affecting the Reading Comprehension of Grade 7 StudentsErick E. Espiel and Marigrace D. Carretero01-09uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90002Customer Satisfaction and Road Performance in Long Segment Maintenance Contract: Application of an Urban Road NetworkAndri Irfan Rifai, Hikmawati Thalib, Dicky Prayogo, and Muhammad Isradi10-19uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90003Business Listing Application Using Laravel FrameworkGarima Sethi and Dr. Ashima Mehta20-23uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90004Sensory and Quality Assessment of Smoked Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus Pelamis) using Tamarind Leaves (Tamarindus indica) and Pandan Leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius)Myrna C. Bigueja, Christine B. Formanes, and Catherine C. Bigueja24-31uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90005The Role of Radar in Supporting Marine Security PatrolNiken Ayu Firdayanti, Trismadi, and Gentio Harsono32-36uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90006Collection Development Practices in Academic Libraries in Ghana: The Case of Ghana Communication Technology University LibraryAfua Frempong-Kore, Benedicta Krampah Akoto Bitherman, and Gordon Derby37-45uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90007Green Hospital Implementation in Health Aspects: A Systematic ReviewRahma Aulia Khairunnisa, Winny Setyonugroho, and Maria Ulfa46-58uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90008Analysis of Increasing Added Value Ecosystem Creative Economy Startup in The Culinary Sector (Case Study of the First Winner of Food Startup Indonesia 2020)Rian Ubaidillah and Sugeng Santoso59-65uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90009Quality Control Analysis to Reduce Moist Defects of Dolomite Materials with Six Sigma Methods (Dmaic, Fmea) PT. Muliaglass FloatLesta Kristina Siagian and Sugiyono Madelan66-76uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90010The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in the Province of SorsogonTara Paulina L. Martizo77-85uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90011Unraveling Students’ Online Collaborative Experiences in A Social Studies Classroom: A Phenomenological InquiryJeffrey Z. Mata and Rhey Mark H. Diaz86-93uijrt download button
UIJRTV3I90012Delivery of Student Affairs Services (SAS) Programs in Private Higher Education InstitutionsMary Rose M. Buban and Susan S. Janer94-101uijrt download button
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