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Volume 04, Issue 02, 2022

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UIJRTV4I20001Teachers’ Performance in Relation to Job Satisfaction Amidst the Changing Landscape of Education During Pandemic
John Ritchie V. Reyes, Myla M. Calderon, Jennibel L. Jacobo, and Carol B. Amora01-09uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20002Performance and Growth of Pechay Using Fermented Plant JuiceRenante A. Diamante, Noel A. Banca, Angie C. Almarza, Kenth Joshua B. Espina, and John Rey A. Alipe10-12uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20003Leadership Practices of School Heads in Public SchoolsJoland Lipata Dellomas and Ritzelda Agnes Deri13-26uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20004Project Performance Improvement through Planning, Technical Factors, Implementation, and Control Case Studies in MEP Contractor Projects
Wahyu Fajri Hidayat and Agustinus Hariadi Dwojoko Purwanto27-42uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20005Retirees-Pensioners of Social Security System in Sorsogon CityMa. Cecilia A. Garchitorena and Errol G. De Castro43-55uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20006College Students’ Attitude, Challenges Encountered and Engagement in Online ShoppingRenzitelo Alf P. Carpio56-66uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20007The Concept of an Electronic-Based Government System and the Six-Ware Cyber Security Framework in Supporting the Digitization of the Indonesian Government
Meylia Susiana Dewi Putri, Rudy A.G. Gultom, and Achmad Farid Wadjdi67-70uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20008The Effect of 5S Culture Implementation (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) on the Effectiveness of Bleaching Earth (BE) ProductionSa’dillah and Agustinus Hariadi Djoko Purwanto71-83uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20009Model of Employee Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Regulation at AMC Hospital
Mahendro Prasetyo Kusumo, Arlina Dewi, and Amalia Putri Ocean84-89uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20010Involvement of Teachers in School ProgramsChristian S. Carillo and Susan S. Janer90-102uijrt download button
UIJRTV4I20011Professional Development Needs of Elementary Teachers
Julie Garcia Lebitania103-116uijrt download button
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