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Leadership Practices of School Heads in Public Schools



Joland Lipata Dellomas and Ritzelda Agnes Deri, 2022. Leadership Practices of School Heads in Public Schools. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(2), pp13-26


This study determined the extent of leadership practices of both elementary and secondary school heads in Bulan District, Division of Sorsogon Province for school year 2021-2022. A descriptive method of research using survey questionnaire and unstructured interview were utilized to gather data from the 74 respondents. Data on school heads’ profile and the extent of practice of the five domains of the Philippine Professional Standards for School Heads (PPSSH) were gathered. Statistical tools such as frequency count, percentage and weighted mean were employed for the analysis and interpretation of the data. The study found out that 58% of the respondents are 46 years old and above, 38% are 36-45 years old and 4% are 35 years and below. In terms of position, 34% are full-fledged Principals, 41% are Head Teachers while 25% are Teachers-In-Charge. On educational attainment, 15% either had units in doctorate studies, 78% earned units and/or Master’s degree holder and 7% were baccalaureate degree holders only. In terms of length of service, 41% were already 11 years and above, 39% were 6-10 years, while 20% were 0-5 years. On the extent of leadership practices, domains such as building connections (4.57) and managing school operations and resources (4.54) were described as most intensively practiced while developing self and others (4.47), focusing on teaching and learning (4.46), and leading strategically (4.45) were interpreted as intensively practiced. Generally, all domains were most intensively practiced with an average mean of 4.50. When grouped according to profile, school heads in general perceived all domains to be most intensively practiced. Age at 46 years old and above (4.51), head teacher position (4.51), doctorate degree or with units (4.55) and 11 years and above in service (4.54) led each grouping.

It was concluded that most of the school heads belong to the middle to old-adult age; most are occupying Head Teacher position; were able to study for master’s degree and are considered experienced school heads with more than six years as administrators. The five domains of the PPSSH were perceived to be most intensively practiced. This could be associated with the impressive profile of the respondents most especially in terms of their age, educational attainment and length of service. It was recommended that teachers before being promoted or designated to school head position should have gained enough experience needed to run a school; school heads need to pursue graduate studies and must exert all means to pass the Principal’s Test. Further, the proposed leadership enhancement program based on weak points of the data gathered may be implemented by the school heads to advance to higher career stages.

Keywords: Education, Leadership Practices, Public Schools, Profile, School Heads.

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