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Volume 02, Issue 02, 2020

Paper IDPaper TitleAuthor(s)PagesPDF File
UIJRTV2I20001Risk Perception and Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on Medical Health Professionals Shinjini Samajdar01-05Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20002Simplified Natural Language Processing and Discrimination in Antonyms-Synonyms Word Structure in a Neural Network Approach to Exploit Lexico-Semantic Pattern Maksuda Sultana and Dr. Ana Romina A, Miguel06-17Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20003Distance Education: Lens View of College Students in Southern Philippines Prof. Monsour Ali Pelmin18-21Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20004Opto-Structural (XRD) Characterization of Locally Synthesized Barium Sulfate (BaSO4) Nanoparticles from an Aqueous Solution of Barium Chloride (BaCl2) and Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) S.C. Onuegbu and S.S. Oluyamo22-25Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20005Green Practices Among Employees for Environmental Sustainability of the Vehicle Service Industry Nornazira Suhairom, Nur Azura Said and Mohd Zolkifli Abd Hamid26-32Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20006Afaan Oromo Fake News Detection Using Natural Language Processing and Passive-Aggressive Daraje kaba Gurmessa33-40Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20007Synthesis of Polyol from Sponge Gourd (Luffa aegyptiaca) Seed Oil and Production of Polyurethane Foam Sanusi Sule, Isah Mahmood and F.G. Mohammed41-46Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20008Flipping the Classroom Using Simple Technologies by Lecturers in Nigerian Universities Nura Bawa and Nasir M. Baba
47-54Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20009Dubai Properties: An Oasis for Nigeria’s Corrupt Elite: A Review Babayo Sule and Usman Sambo
55-58Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20010Spirituality Physiognomies and Work-Team Effectiveness: An Examination into Private Healthcare System in Nigeria G.C. Aguma and F.B. Tende
59-66Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20011Empirical Analysis of the Nexus Between Capital and Money Markets in Nigeria Gbenga Festus Babarinde67-70Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20012Gear Design of A 100 Watt Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine G. Ayadju and B.O. Otomewo71-75Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20013Knowledge and Perception Regarding COVID-19 Among School Children: Online Survey Done in Selected Private Schools of Pokhara, Nepal Laxmi Paudyal and Rajmi Gurung76-80Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20014Cathodic Protection of Aluzinc coated, Galvanized and Stainless Steels in Ijegun Seawater using Aluminium as Sacrificial Anode Femi T. Owoeye, Olayide R. Adetunji, Sidikat I. Kuye and Babatunde S. Bada81-92Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV2I20015Attitudes Toward HIV/AIDS Among Secondary School Students in Bangladesh Papia Sultana, China Rani Mittra, Arifa Sultana, Ashees Kumar Saha and Sazzad Hossain93-100Download paper in PDF format.
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