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Volume 01, Issue 04, 2020

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UIJRTV1I40001Customer Relation Management (CRM) and its Impact on Organizational Performance: A Case of Etisalat Telecommunication in AfghanistanAtaullah Muneeb and Matiullah Shinwari01-09Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I40002The Mass Culture of the Freshwater Rotifers Brachionus Rubens Ehrenberg 1838 Using Different Algal Species DietsCavine Onyango Oguta10-24Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I40003Security Issues of Network Mobility (NEMO) with Tor ArchitectureMohd. Altamash Sheikh25-29Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I40004The Comparative Study on Vernacular Dwellings in BhutanNimesh Chettri, Jigme Thinley and Ghana Shyam Koirala30-35Download paper in PDF format.
UIJRTV1I40005The Problem and Prospect of Shrimp Cultivators in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh: An AnalysisAbdul karim Gazi36-45Download paper in PDF format.

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