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The Problem and Prospect of Shrimp Cultivators in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh: An Analysis

Abdul karim Gazi

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Karim Gazi, A., 2020. The Problem and Prospect of Shrimp Cultivators in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh: An Analysis. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 1(4), pp.36-45.


Shrimp culture has vital role for rising economic success, shaping a more prosperous and sustainable future in Bangladesh, specially in the coastal area but this sector is under threat for various problems, faced by shrimp cultivators. This paper explains the problem, faced by shrimp cultivators in the coastal area of Bangladesh and the solution of those problems with the current attitude of shrimp farmers on shrimp culture. This study has been conducted in three districts, named Bagerhat, Khulna and Shatkhira district of Bangladesh. 200 respondents have been selected randomly who have been cultivating shrimp since several years. A semi-structured questionnaire has been used, four FGDs and three case study interviews have been conducted to identify problems and solutions of those problems and a scale has been used to know their current attitude on shrimp culture. Secondary data have been collected though journal, repots and newspaper. This study has focused on problems, disrupting the shrimp culture constantly and solutions in specific areas of shrimp cultivators but the whole problem of shrimp culture hasn’t been included in this study. This study has identified that shrimp cultivators are facing problems a lot which are eroding the benefit from shrimp culture, including shrimp fry remains sick, comparatively high price of shrimp fry, virus, pollution of water, comparatively low price during they sell shrimp, the price of feed is so high, lack of proper transportation, traditional process of culture and lack of monitoring bodies etc. True, to combat these troubling situations and create new possibilities, cooperation is crucial, including- soft loan, training, NGOs’ help, and Governmental initiatives. So, the Government of Bangladesh must take cognizance and act decisively to determine the barrier of shrimp cultivators and the solution of those barriers to make a suitable place of shrimp culture which will contribute to enrich the economy of Bangladesh.

Keywords: Shrimp, shrimp fry, shrimp cultivators, Bangladesh, problems and prospects.


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