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Temporal Classification of EEG Signals for BCI Using Morse Code (LIS Case)

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Andriantsilavo, H.S., Razafindrakoto, N.R. and Ratsimbazafy, A., 2021. Temporal Classification of EEG Signals for BCI Using Morse Code (LIS Case). United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(2), pp.18-21.


The lack of means of communication blocks patients with disabilities such as the Locked-In Syndrome (LIS). These persons are able to express their desire in their brain but they are unable to perform it. Here, we propose a method of temporal classification of the EEG (ElectroEncephalogram) signals from the scalp of those people and translate them into Morse code. Thus, they have the ability to write a word or, furthermore, an understandable sentence by using a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). The LIS attendant will only see the letters shown on screen, not the inherent manipulations.

Keywords: BCI, EEG signals, EMOTIV INSIGHT, Morse code.


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