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A Case Study of Bangladesh Power Generation and Sustainable Solution



Mazbah Kabir Mridul, Abdullah Al Mahbub, Anirban Barua, and Abdullah Bin Murad, 2022. A Case Study of Bangladesh Power Generation and Sustainable Solution. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(11), pp.07-11.


Currently, the plants under construction are more organized and well-planned, while most of the existing power plants in Bangladesh are located here and there without proper manner. Therefore, feeding fuels have to be transported from long distances to the site, which adds to production costs. Moreover, Bangladesh is trying to switch to a coal-based power system (approximately 50% of total generation) that will create a non-sustainable growth of electricity with coal dependency from other counties. As a result, this system will release a vast amount of carbon into the environment, and light residue causes air pollution. In addition, a bulk amount of land is required for the storage of imported coal, which can be used for sustainable development sectors such as agriculture. After all, dependence on foreign fuels can lead to fuel crises for unexpected occurrences and turn to power shortages. At this hurdle, switching the entire power system will also be impossible in another system of generation. However, Bangladesh can produce electricity from renewable sources, and newfangled ideas can ensure the proper use of land and resources. Furthermore, it also has a huge opportunity to generate a sufficient amount of electricity from the ocean and rivers. This paper aims to highlight those problems and find a solution.

Keywords: Bangladesh, power scenario, sustainable power, power plant, Bangladesh power.

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