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Supercapacitors and the Future of Electric Vehicles

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Ezichi, C.C., 2021. Supercapacitors and the Future of Electric Vehicles. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(2), pp.01-05.


Supercapacitors, Wind turbine and Electric vehicle were defined and detailed explanation of the three has also been addressed with examples, diagrams, and quotations where necessary. Parts and sections of a typical electric vehicle were analyzed, giving examples, and discussions made on how electric vehicles can be powered and driven using supercapacitors. The correlation between supercapacitors and wind turbine in an all-electric vehicle in terms of charging and discharging of the supercapacitor was clearly explained. Mathematical analysis of energy storage and conversion in electric vehicles and the necessary calculations were done. For a 50hp electric vehicle, it was found out that 3300wh of energy can sustain the motion of the vehicle for 1.6km for an hour. This amount of energy can be supplied by 40 supercapacitors or 20 of them for 30 minutes. Also, whenever the wind turbine is in idle mode or generates limited power, it was found out from calculation that there will always be a 12 minutes’ redundancy.

Keywords: Supercapacitors, Wind turbine, Electric vehicle, Mathematical Analysis of Energy Storage, Comparisons of energy sources.


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