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A Review on Design of an Electric Trolley

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Behera, G.R., Babu, D.A. and Patil, P.N., 2021. A Review on Design of an Electric Trolley. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(7), pp.108-111.


As we know that the prices of fuel are increasing and also there is possibility that fuel sources are sought after in future. Also the pollution is increasing day by day worldwide, in which the major contribution to increase air pollution is use of conventional vehicle. Therefore, the many more use of renewable energy is to be preferred. According to this solution, here we are representing the Electric Trolley/Loader based on the concept of electric vehicle. The objective of this work is to design and build an electric vehicle that will reduce the time and human effort. Electric Trolley is a green solution with no petrol, no diesel and no CNG Gas requirements. There are 3 wheelers pulled by an electric motor (BLDC) and consists of gear mechanism at rear wheels. Basically these vehicles have a mild steel tubular chassis with storage facility for loading. Here, we will introduce the product. While doing the project we also found out merits and demerits with the fields of application.

Keywords: Green Transportation, BLDC Motor, EV, DC Motor, E-Trolley, CCTV.


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