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Switching of MSC in High-Voltage Systems



T. M. Lazimov and A. B. Sadigov, 2023. Switching of MSC in High-Voltage Systems. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(10), pp94-98.


The paper briefly overviews the problems associated with mechanically switched capacitor banks (MSC) used in high-voltage power systems. The article discusses the principal features of MSC switching in the view of their possible impact on the high-voltage insulation of capacitor banks and the electric system itself, as well as the electromagnetic environment and compatibility on the substation. The article deals with such issues as the influence of the type of circuit breaker (SF6 or vacuum one) on the switching transitional voltages, the use of special capacitive circuit breakers equipped with a set of pre-insertion resistors with various resistances, the switching of MSC in FACTS circuits and the ways of the transitional voltages control, the possibility of transferring overvoltage from the transformer’s lower voltage windings to the higher ones having a reduced isolation level, etc.

Keywords: Capacitor Switchers, Mechanically Switched Capacitors, Overvoltage, Pre-insertion Resistor, SF6 and Vacuum Circuit Breakers

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