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Simple Hand Driven Dual Mode Portable Generator



Patil, P.N., Chandra, A.R.R. and Mandhare, S.A., 2021. Simple Hand Driven Dual Mode Portable Generator. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(6), pp.47-51.


Electricity, heart of electronics and electrical appliances has become the fourth basic need of human. Its demand and urge is rapidly increasing and since it is a conventional source of energy, it is horribly depleting causing some ill-effects on the nature forcing us to switch towards non-conventional source of electricity. We have constructed a simple hand driven dual mode portable generator which is able to give both AC and DC output using a switch. Primary input is given by some simple mechanism and materials like bicycle wheel, V-Belt pulley couples to a series wounded permanent magnet generator. The speed of hand driven bicycle wheel is boosted using simple velocity ratio principle. We tried to implement new winding technique on stator poles and series connections for armature. Permanent neodymium magnets on rotor provided brushless operation, thus, reducing noise and friction. Hexagonal rotor structure is made from mild steel which is coated which is coated with pure non-magnetic steel bolts which made the handling of neodymium magnets much simpler, increased rotor strength and prevention of core saturation. Converter is used to store generated electricity. Switching mode provided access to both AC and converted DC output.

Keywords: hand crank generator, rectifiers, non-conventional energy sources.

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