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The Determinants of Labor Decisions to Do Commuter Migration from Gowa Regency to Makassar City

Nurlaela, Anas Iswanto Anwar, and Retno Fitrianti

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Nurlaela, Anwar, A.I. and Fitrianti, R., 2021. The Determinants of Labor Decisions to Do Commuter Migration from Gowa Regency to Makassar City. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(8), pp.162-167.


This study aims to find out: (1) a description of how income, age, number of dependents, and living costs affect the decision of workers to directly migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City and (2) describe whether or not there are differences in education level., gender, marital status, home ownership on the decision of workers to re-migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City. The results of the probit regression analysis explain the significant factors and there is an opportunity for workers to migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City, including income variables, education level, gender, marital status and home ownership. While the variables of age, number of dependents, cost of living are not significant and there is no opportunity for workers to re-migrate from Gowa Regency to Makassar City. Overall, the probit regression model used to explain the determinants of the workforce’s decision to do shuttle migration from Gowa Regency to Makassar City has a predictive reliability of 84%. This shows that the respondents in this study have a great opportunity to migrate back and forth for economic and non-economic reasons.

Keywords: Migration, commuter, education, economic, wage.


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