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The Possible Way of Alleviating Poverty in the Context of Bangladesh

Abdul Karim Gazi

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Gazi, A.K., 2020. The Possible Way of Alleviating Poverty in the Context of Bangladesh. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 1(3), pp.17-23.


This paper examines the poverty but basically explores possible policies or strategies in reducing poverty in the context of Bangladesh. Poverty is a situation in which individual can’t fulfill his or her basic needs or lead his or her way of life normally. However, poverty, every people accedes, makes problems at social, economic, national and international level. In this study, qualitative research method is used and historical method and content analysis are employed to collect data and discuss the possible way of alleviating poverty. It also clear that poverty disrupts the motion of economic growth day by day. This may sound daunting that millions of people are died every year because of living in the below of poverty line as well as thousands of people are injured. By and large, without rapid and far reaching changes to how poverty is running the damage to our planet could be irreversible. The message is clear that to reduce poverty and change current situation of poverty in Bangladesh, a cooperative effort on global scale must be needed. With so much to gain and to lose inaction, author guesses, controlling over population, growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP), rising educated population, arranging employment sector, rising foreign aids, involving civil society in due time must be required. It can be concluded that to reduce poverty by using every trick in the book, people of Bangladesh can live in a peaceful and comfortable situation and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would go up by two or three times.

Keywords: poverty, poverty reduction, strategies, Bangladesh.


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