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Facilitating Skills of Parents in the Home-Based Learning Activities



Erwin D. Laceda, 2024. Facilitating Skills of Parents in the Home-Based Learning Activities. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(7), pp28-48.


The adoption of home-based learning activities has affected both the learners and the parents. These parents are expected to play a more active role as learning facilitators essential in their child’s education. Such precept propelled the conduct of this study which ventured to identify the facilitating skills of the parents in the home-based learning activities, the level of their facilitating skills, how these facilitating skills affect the learners’ academic performance, and the challenges encountered in the home-based learning activities. The mixed method of research was employed particularly the explanatory sequential design in treating the data provided by the __ parent respondents of Buhatan Integrated National School, Sorsogon City. It was revealed that parents possessed skills in communication, establishing rapport, patience and empathy, and content knowledge in facilitating the conduct of home-based learning activities for their children. Parents’ facilitating skills were at the practitioner level. These parents’ facilitating skills have a positive impact on learners’ performance in the home-based learning activities. On the other hand, the challenges encountered by parents along with their facilitating skills include the passivity of some learners towards the learning modality and the absence of capacity building among parents on how to engage learners in home-based learning activities. A home-school partnership program was proposed geared towards the improvement of the facilitating skills of parents in home-based learning activities.

Keywords: facilitating skills, home-based learning activities, learning facilitators, home-school partnership

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