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Startups and Sources of Funding



Janaji, S. A., Ismail, K. and Ibrahim, F., 2021. Startups and Sources of Funding. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(8), pp.88-92.


Startups often face pressures in commercializing products and services. Considering the limited capital and experiences, startups may not qualify for institutional equity investment at the start. Therefore, it is important for startups at the founding stage to raise funding for short- and long-term growth. This paper attempts to highlight relevant literature review and research gaps related to startups’ sources of funding. One of the significant findings in this paper is investors’ decision in providing funding. This paper will add growing literature on factors that influence investors’ decision-making, and guide in examining startups’ stages of funding sources in Brunei.

Keywords: Startups, Funding, Growth, and Decision-making.

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