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A Review on Crop Sensors for Agriculture



Gupta, S., 2020. A Review on Crop Sensors for Agriculture. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(1), pp.01-03.


There have been numerous investigations and exploration done on examining the samples that can be seen in the yield creation and foreseeing information of comparable nature. To survive the imperfections of conventional horticulture, for example, enormous work and labor prerequisite, no real time data accumulation, little observing zone, Wireless Sensor Network based exactness horticulture, expectation for expanding crop yield is finished utilizing data mining strategies. These hubs sense the natural boundaries like temperature, dampness, pH, NPK values. Examination is done on detected information which is caught from field what’s more, put away in worker for additional examination. Hence, there is a need for an exceptional model that does expectation of the harvest yield however utilizes these farming boundaries to give results that help improving the harvest yield. The farmer or scientist can do effective cultivating utilizing this innovation.

Keywords: Crop Sensors, Agriculture, Soil Sensor, Electrochemical Sensor, Nutrient Sensor.

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