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Different Growing Media Used in Bougainvillea



Renante A. Diamante, Noel A. Banca, John Rey A. Alipe, and Emmanuel B. Tormon, 2022. Different Growing Media Used in Bougainvillea. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(1), pp27-29.


This study was conducted to determine the effects of different media in the growth and development of bougainvillea.  In particular, the study aimed to evaluate the growth parameters in terms of roots and leaves.  They were randomly distributed in four treatments, replicated three (3) times and arranged in a complete randomized design (CRD).  The treatments used in the study are: A-fine River sand, B-carbonized rice hull, C-mud clay, and D-decomposed rice hull.  The results show that there is a significance difference on the number of leaves among treatment means.  Result showed that plants in treatment C which is mud clay gave the highest number of leaves with a mean of 27 leaves, followed by treatment D, 25 leaves and the lowest was obtained by treatment A and B with a mean of 11 leaves.  In terms of roots, result shows that treatment B which is carbonized rice hull give the highest number of functional roots with the mean of 24, followed by treatment A which is fine river sand with the mean of 23, treatment C which is mud clay with the mean of 15, and treatment D, which is decomposed rice hull.  The study shows that using different growing media will affect bougainvillea’s growth and development.

Keywords: bougainvillea, different media, mud clay, carbonized hull, fine river sand, decomposed rice hull.

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