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A Research on Industrial Biotechnology Studies in Turkey

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Ünal, A., 2021. A Research on Industrial Biotechnology Studies in Turkey. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(12), pp.122-123.


The role of the private sector in industrial research and development (R&D) has increased significantly in developing countries over the past two decades. However, information on the nature of private-sector R&D in agriculture its focus, location, size and output is limited in availability, thus limiting any analysis of the potential risks and opportunities of this growth trend. The aim of this paper is to review the available information on public research institutes, universities, private sector investment in industrial R&D in developing Turkey as a means of contributing to an evaluation. In this study, the project-based industrial R&D studies conducted on Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy (KBBE), Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Genetic Resources by research institutes, universities and the private sector in rapidly-developing Turkey were examined and evaluated.

The research results show that the R&D studies are fully supported in Turkey and that, in this context, the project-based researches are put into practice and transferred to bio-economy through public research institutes, universities private sector and the biotechnology firms, which are the driving force of the bio-economy, operate in the fields of Health and Medicine by 57%, Energy and Environment by 24% and Agriculture and Food by 19%.

Keywords: Industrial Biotechnology, Bio-Economy, Biodiversity, Biological Sciences, Genetic Resources.


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