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Research on Enterprise Macroeconomics and Value Standards



Yinjin Xiao, 2022. Research on Enterprise Macroeconomics and Value Standards. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(7), pp.01-10.


This paper focuses on developing corporate financial knowledge through research and decision making, balancing financial theory with a practical problem solving approach, completing decisions on the evaluation and selection of assets, valuation of securities, costs, leverage and finance, with the main task being its risk-reward trade-off in financial decisions. Also study budgets and budget control systems from a corporate perspective. Demonstrate the ability to access relevant financial information via the Internet or laboratory resources, the correctness of product costs calculated based on assumptions made based on the strength and optimal timing of assumptions supported by relevant theories, and appropriately demonstrate and discuss the different effects on unit product costs of traditional methods and activity-based costing used to allocate overhead costs. Acquire the quality of IFRS and GAAP analysis, identify the similarities and differences between IFRS and GAAP, and determine under which model financial reporting more truly reflects the true value of assets, the ability to use data models, and the ability to accurately understand and use “Surplus Management under U.S. GAAP and International Accounting Standards”.

Keywords: Earnings managemen,Return on Assets,Cashflow,Long-term solvency ratio,Short-term solvency ratio,Operational capability,Market value.

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