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Effectiveness of Policies and Measures Under the Epidemic-Taking Macau as an Example

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Lei, U.F., Pan, J., Fan, Z. and Zhang, J., 2021. Effectiveness of Policies and Measures Under the Epidemic-Taking Macau as an Example. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(12), pp.10-17.


Since the opening of Macau in December 1999, the gaming, tourism, and hotel industries have played an important role in supporting Macau’s economy. Macau’s economy has largely relied on the tourism and gaming industry. The COVID-19 in early 2020 swept the world, and Macau was not spared. According to statistics, as of mid-December 2020, Macau had 46 cases, 44 of which were imported cases. From the perspective of economic growth and other conditions, there has been a significant decline. Because the epidemic is still severely intensified and spread, Macau will continue to be affected. The article studies Macao’s control measures and economic assistance measures during the epidemic, and summarizes the changes in Macao’s key industries, and points out how to deal with the threat of the epidemic and other public health security incidents in the future, and enhance the stability of Macao’s economic development.

Keywords: Epidemic; Gaming Industry; Control; Assistance.


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