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Economic Analysis of Sheep Farming in Karnataka State

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Prathibha, K.R. and Yogish, S.N., 2021. Economic Analysis of Sheep Farming in Karnataka State. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(9), pp.90-93.


Among the most important and mobile industries in every state of India, sheep farming is the largest. Since just one location has been chosen for the capital investment, the revenue comes from four sources, such as wool, milk meat and fumes, respectively. Particularly in the mountainous, desert, and semi-arid regions, sheep herding is a major component of the rural economy Sheep may be kept in small flocks as well. The sheep require a little more attention than the other animals, yet they also require a lot less comfort and convenience than the other animals. The sheep only require a place to live.

Keywords: Sheep, India, farming, livestock.


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