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Clients’ Satisfaction and Expectations on the Frontline Services of the Denr – Penro in Sorsogon



Judy Gavarra-Doma and Errol G. De Castro, 2022. Clients’ Satisfaction and Expectations on the Frontline Services of the Denr – Penro in Sorsogon. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(10), pp.19-32.


This study aimed to determine the degree of client satisfaction, expectations and some issues and problems encountered with the frontline services of DENR-PENRO, Sorsogon for the Fiscal Year 2018.  It used a descriptive-survey method and a survey questionnaire was devised for the gathering of the primary data as reflected in the problem. The respondents were 142 clients of DENR-PENRO, Sorsogon which were purposively chosen. The statistical tools utilized were the frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and ranking and for expectations of clients to the personnel, process and product, a descriptive method was used. The study revealed that the frontline services mostly availed by the clients of the DENR-PENRO Sorsogon are found in the Protected Area services hand-in-hand with the Administrative and Support Services. The clients are very satisfied with the personnel on the frontline services.  However, they are satisfied with the process and products. Majority of the clients met their expectations satisfactorily in consideration of the three indicators and measures of satisfaction.  However, clients are expecting for some improvements in terms of personnel, process and products.  The client’s satisfaction survey is highly significant to the agency aside from improvement on personnel’s traits and values towards dealing with the clients.  In addition, it is pertinent as a basis for continual improvement and designing follow through actions and in crafting a new action plan.  The action plan is proposed in order to improve the client’s satisfaction of the frontline services of DENR-PENRO Sorsogon.

Keywords: satisfaction, expectations, personnel, process, product.

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