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A Review On Solar-Powered Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – A Renewable Alternative for The Future



Subramani Sundaram P, Nirutheeshwaran M, Nitish Narayanan, Surender Rangaraju, Amiya Bhaumik, Jayandaran Arumugam A, and Phu Le Vo, 2022. A Review On Solar-Powered Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – A Renewable Alternative for The Future. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(8), pp.142-147.


The sun is one of the largest sources of renewable energy, harnessed to fulfil our energy requirements. Being a clean form of energy the dependency on solar energy is increasing as we near the future where other forms of energy may become obsolete. Most developed countries in this era invest in renewable energy sources such as solar energy to meet their requirements. Refrigeration is one of the most widely used methods for storing temperature-sensitive products in industries and even in households, especially in hotter environmental conditions. It is most widely used to preserve food products for an extended period. As of 2018, the global refrigerator market was valued at $64.17 billion and is estimated to rise to $103.95 billion by 2026. Air conditioning is a type of refrigeration that removes the thermal energy from a physical space to reduce its temperature. An increase in the requirement for air conditioners with the rise in the need to stay comfortable in hotter conditions has been observed in recent years. Climate change is causing an unrelenting effect on India. In 2019, temperatures passed the 50 degrees’ Celsius mark in the country’s northern parts. Temperatures in India especially during summer over the last decade have repeatedly broken heat records, and there is no sign of respite from heat waves in the foreseeable future, making air conditioning an increasingly vital appliance in Indian homes. Increasing demand for home appliances, along with a relatively low penetration rate, has left the Indian air conditioner market with plenty of room to grow and is estimated to reach 9.7 million units in the financial year 2023. Powering air conditioners with renewable energy especially solar energy eliminates the harmful effects on the environment, making it a topic of interest. This has also led researchers to focus on renewable energy and extend its scope to the field of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Keywords: Solar energy, Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Energy efficiency.

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