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Micro Food Enterprise in Sorsogon City: An Assessment



Claveria, S.J.D. and Mendoza, F.E., 2021. Micro Food Enterprise in Sorsogon City: An Assessment. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(7), pp.225-233.


This study aimed to assess the Micro Food Enterprises in Sorsogon City through the descriptive-survey method. A questionnaire was devised in gathering the primary data as reflected in the problem. The respondents are composed of 305 food micro enterprise owners in Sorsogon City.  The statistical tools utilized were frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and ranking. From the findings, it was concluded that the micro food enterprises are mostly owned by single proprietors, have varied nature of enterprise, usually are processors/manufacturers and have less than 50 employees. The micro food enterprises always considered ownership, nature and type of enterprise, and employees in the operation. The lack of capitalization, low product quality and safety, food spoilage, and dishonest employees are the challenges met by the business owners in the micro food enterprise operation. Further, it was recommended that the micro food enterprises owners may attend business-related seminars and training to continually update the current operation. The business owners may continually improve the various systems and procedures through a constant review and audit. The problems encountered may be addressed by the business owners so as there will be a continuous operation. Future research similar to this topic may be conducted and in a wider coverage and with the inclusion of other variables not covered in the study. 3 cm is a worthy limit for the North Pacific dependent on chronicled perceptions (or 30 mm). The tsunameter changes to fast revealing mode, otherwise called occasion mode, when the amplitudes arrive at the limit esteem, which gives precise data about the torrent. This mode is held for in any event four hours.

Keywords: Micro-food enterprise, Sorsogon City, Assessment.

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