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Hybrid Aluminium Alloy (Aa6064) Composite Mechanical Properties Investigation



Justine O. Bucham, Saanyol Ityokumbul Igbax, and Adamu B. Aliyu, 2022. Hybrid Aluminium Alloy (Aa6064) Composite Mechanical Properties Investigation. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(8), pp.44-48.


Hybrid composite is a composite consisting of a base (matrix) and two or more reinforcing elements embedded in it. In recent times, hybrid metal base composites gained many researchers interest due to the improved mechanical properties they offer when compared to the conventional metal base composites. In this investigation, particulate periwinkle shell ash (PSA) and fly ash (FA) served as the reinforcing elements due to their brittle properties while the base was aluminum (Aa6064) alloy. Three composite samples were cast using liquid stirring techniques by applying different weight fractions for the reinforcing elements to determine the sample with the best mechanical properties (that is with the optimal composition). Hardness test, tensile test, and impact test was carried out on the samples. From the results of the tests, composite sample ‘B’ produced the optimal composition with values for hardness, tensile strength and impact energy as 88 MPa, 185 N/mm2 and 6.05 J respectively at a 15 % weight fraction of PSA and 15 % weight fraction of FA in the composite. Therefore, it can be concluded that the mechanical properties of hybrid composite are improved when there is an equal amount of reinforcing particles in the base.

Keywords: Ash, Base, Composites, Hybrid, Mechanical Properties.

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