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Assessment Practices of Secondary Mathematics Teachers



Crisfe F. Gamit and Noel G. Benavides, 2023. Assessment Practices of Secondary Mathematics Teachers. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(4), pp09-29.


This study aimed to evaluate the assessment practices of Mathematics teachers in the selected public secondary schools in the Division of Sorsogon Province for the school year 2022-2023. It utilized the descriptive-survey method of research with a questionnaire in which the indicators were adapted. Similarly, the respondents were 40 Mathematics teachers from selected secondary schools in Matnog and Sta Magdalena districts. Likewise, the frequency, percentage, and weighted mean were the statistical tools used in analyzing the data. It was concluded that the evaluation of questions orally, development of assessments based on course objectives, performance tasks matched with instruction and course objectives, and written multiple choice questions are the practices of all the teachers in assessing their student’s performance. The teachers used often the practices in assessing the student’s performance. The teachers are moderately skilled in assessing the student’s performance. A training program was proposed to enhance the practices of the teachers in assessing the student’s performance. It was recommended that the teachers may be provided re-orientation through a series of lectures on the assessment practices to ensure that all assessment practices are utilized. The school heads may assist the teachers in improving the extent of the practice in assessing the student’s performance through mentoring and capability-building activities during LAC sessions. The teachers may be encouraged to attend seminars, training, and conferences related to assessing the student’s performance to elevate their skills to the highest level. The training program may be submitted to the concerned authorities for further review and evaluation before its implementation and adoption. Further study may be conducted and may widen the scope that includes other secondary schools in the province and relate the academic performance with the assessment practiced utilized.

Keywords: assessment practices, extent of practice, level of skills, Mathematics teachers.

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