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Product Based Search Engine Microservice

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Pandiyan, H., Prapulla, S.B., Kodiyattil, P.S., Yazari, A. and Kondapalli, S.R.K., 2021. Product Based Search Engine Microservice. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(8), pp.98-104.


A product search engine is a key element in the functioning of any e-commerce application. It indexes products in real time and produces fast results to queries entered. Currently the solution running on the organization’s website uses a microservice that passes the queries entered, to a third-party service provider that does the indexing and searching. This is a paid service and hence is to be replaced by the open source search engine, Apache Solr. In this paper, we explain the microservice built, using the go-solr package along with the go-kit microservice framework in developing the microservice to replace the pre- existing paid service.

Keywords: Faceting, fuzzy search, microservices, parsers, Solr, SolrCloud.


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