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Mapping Pampanga’s Culinary Geography as a Cultural Landscape



Frank Elie Villa Carlos Morales and Enrico Bejar Garcia, 2023. Mapping Pampanga’s Culinary Geography as a Cultural Landscape. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 4(12), pp01-12.


This investigation aimed to describe the culinary geography as cultural landscape of Pampanga. It discussed the origin, history, meanings and representations, variations and aerial differentiation, and impact of globalization to these products. (Original Sisig, Pindang and Tocino, Fermented Rice or Buru: Taguilo and Balao-Balao, Betute Tugak or Stuffed Frog) Descriptive-case study method was utilized in this investigation. Population of the study included the second to fourth generation of proprietors from the family-run business, local tourism officers and local residents. A guide questionnaire served as the primary data gathering tool used during the field work interviews. This research reveals that these cultural products are certified cultural landscape of Pampanga because they are original, exotic, and popular; most of these products came into existence before the Spaniards and Mexican brought their influence during colonial era; abundant supply of agricultural and livestock products sustained these businesses; The old province of Pampanga is accessible to economic cities e.g. Clark City, Angeles City, and the greater Manila area that helped in popularizing these cultural products, and most of these are traditional family-run ventures. These cultural landscapes symbolize shared identity, resourcefulness, survival, festivity, creativity, social gatherings; wistfulness on pre and post war, love for food, and innovative ways of Kapampangan.

Keywords: human geography, food studies, globalization

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