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Comprehensible Inputs to Scaffold Comprehension of L2 Learners



Melody E. Enrera and Ana Cristina G. Fortes, 2024. Comprehensible Inputs to Scaffold Comprehension of L2 Learners. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(7), pp401-413


Scaffolding second language readers comes in many forms.  Researches have shown that picture, picture books, video, drawing, translation and gesture aid in listening and reading comprehension. However, little is known about on how L2 teachers effectively use them to scaffold comprehension, especially in the elementary level. Hence, this study investigated the comprehensible inputs used by the teachers in second language elementary classroom. Through classroom observations and interview with teachers and learners, results showed varied comprehensible inputs which the learners have unique experiences to each of them. Picture, drawing and gesture scaffold comprehension through visualization of literal and abstract concepts.  Translation scaffolds comprehension by way of knowing meaning of English word which learners are unfamiliar. With the use of video materials, the learners interact with the scenario presented among them and arouse their motivation to learn. The study confirms that comprehensible inputs scaffolding comprehension in a condition that teachers provide appropriate context, usage, and relation to the experiences of these learners.

Keywords: Language Comprehension, Scaffolding, second language, Reading Comprehension, English language

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