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Acoustic Improvement of School Buildings



Abakar, K.M. and Alibaba, H.Z., 2020. Acoustic Improvement of School Buildings. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 1(5), pp.22-30.


This paper will analyze the different perspectives and approaches in terms of sound improvement techniques, noise absorption or sound insulation methods respond differently to noise and provide solutions to certain nuisances. Acoustic performance in school buildings can have a significant impact on student learning and teacher work, good sound insulation can facilitate teaching, communication between teacher and students, and between students, which is often a problem in schools, particularly in urban areas, due to different external and internal factors. The reasons for the use of different techniques will be presented, followed by a comparative study of different cases that have been carried out and the impact of the use of certain materials in the environment. The study shows that good acoustic qualities are relevant in school environments.

Keywords: Acoustic performance, teaching environment, noise, external factors, internal factors, materials.

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